2013 American Sewing Expo

Happy Birthday, American Sewing Expo!

The American Sewing Expo celebrated its 
20th Birthday celebrating in style! 


 Jane showing the blouse she made 
using her sloper from Fashion Patterns.
Not only does it FIT extremely well, 
Jane embellished the neckline 
with ruffles that she designed!
Jane has been in a few of my classes and 
was recently fitted in one of the shells 
that I have on hand.
Can't wait to see what she makes next!

 Jason, Gall Sewing & Vac, Lansing, 
always there to lend a hand when we need him! 
Thank you, Jason, for all you do!

 Yes - that's an embroidered boot by Laura, 
Leabu Sewing Center.

 Lorna with her jacket entry for Push the Envelope! 
She received a 'surprise' package in the mail 
and had to use the 
contents of the package in her project. 
Lorna has such great talent and 
never ceases to amaze me!

 These great garments were beautiful.
Part of the McCalls staff taking a break.

 Toby, Haberman Fabrics on the last day. Big sigh!

1-2-3 Tier Dress

This 1-2-3 Tier Dress is made from a child's tie dyed T shirt and a woman's very full long skirt. Both the tie dyed T shirt and the gathered skirt were found at the local Goodwill store. They were meant to be joined!

If you are wondering how to make a similar dress, let me know, it was very easy!