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Fit and Sew – Special Classes by request

Class sizes are limited to 4-6 prepaid participants
Classes are scheduled for private one-on-one and/or for small groups. Please contact Rosebud for additional information

Recycle your T-Shirt into Lounge Pants
3 - 4 Hours Hands On
For all ages
Simple, fast and easy methods of styling a totally new look with your fun T-shirts. See how quick you can reduce waste by restyling your favorite T-shirt into a pair of comfortable lounge pants or Yoga pants for yourself. Got more old T-shirts? Recycle into a Carry-all-bag, cosmetic bag, or favorite bag.
Time permitting learn how to Restyle a T-shirt into a stylish ruffled T-top, cardigan or halter top. Repurpose T-tops into flirty skirts for all ages; deconstruct and reconstruct into T-necklaces and T-flowers for trimming. Create a vintage look with a little lace, vintage hankies, or an 80’s T-shirt dress. Have fun while helping the environment. 

Sew Like a Pro - Apronology
3 Hour Hands On
 This class is designed for all skill levels of sewers, beginners to advanced.
Improve your sewing skills and get professional results as you learn speed sewing and industry techniques for handling bias edges, curves, hems, yokes, setting perfect pockets and more. Rosebud will share several shortcuts for pattern preparation, notching, cutting, how to set up your sewing area for efficiency and speed. Discover how to get perfect topstitching and designer results using the proper tools and pressing techniques, plus much more. At the end of class you’ll have completed a designer apron without using a single pin or basting.

Easy Zippers 
3 Hour Hands On
Finally fool proof zippers! Learn the easiest and fastest way to install slot, lapped, and invisible zippers with professional results using no pins or basting! Rosebud will share techniques adapted for home sewing including the best zipper foot to use; garment prep, how to avoid puckers with invisible zippers; tips for facings, waistbands, or linings; best location for all types of zippers, how to achieve smooth flat seams on curved or straight seams and much more. At the end of class you will have completed samples for future reference at home.

Fitting & Designing Skirts
3 Hour Demo
A well-fitting basic skirt provides you with a useful garment to make, and it gives you a starting point to develop fast, fun and creative skirt designs or copy designer ready to wear. Fitting a skirt is one of the easiest ways to learn the keys to understanding skirt ease, waistline shape, waistline fit and balanced seams. Follow along as Rosebud drafts a skirt for an individual in class. Learn how to create pencil skirts, wrap skirts, A-line, fitted & flared gore or trumpet skirts. Add flounces, pleats, designer yokes, even asymmetrical stylelines.

Fitting the Perfect Pant
3 or 4 Hr Demo
Pants can be a challenge to fit properly, and finding the perfect pants pattern can be just as difficult. Learn why fitting is SEW much easier when you start with your measurements because the pant draft is controlled by the measurements you use. The keys to couture fit are found in understanding how various waist slopes, crotch depths, and overall crotch formulas control the overall pant fit. This pattern even accommodates difficult to fit bodies. Participants will be able to observe and learn to fit while Rosebud fits four class participants with premade pants using Buttericks 5222, Perfect Pant Pattern. As time permits, Rosebud will demonstrate restyling the pant pattern. 

Restyling Pants Patterns
1 Hr Lecture
Styles change year to year, SEW learn the basics steps to restyle your favorite pant pattern. Add or remove leg fullness, leg detailing, vents, slits, or cuffs; and where to shorten or lengthen. Discover how a yoke retains the fit for gaping waistlines; raise or lower a waistline; add shaped, elastic or fitted waistband, even a faced waistline. Rosebud will share ideas from Connie Crawford’s Buttrick line of patterns and Patternmaking Made Easy book as well as how to use your pants’ sloper to create jeans, workout pants or any of the latest styles, as well as skirts.
Pants that Fit
6 hours Hands On Drafting
If you have trouble making pants that fit, join Rosebud and learn an amazingly simple draft that results in correctly fitting pants with easy to use step by step instructions for your own body measurements. The keys to couture fit are found in understanding how various waist slopes, crotch depths, and overall crotch formulas control the overall pant fit. This pattern draft even accommodates difficult to fit bodies.
Class size limited to 6 prepaid participants.

Blouse/Shirt Class with Ready-To-Wear Industry Techniques 
6 Hour Hands On
Prep Work Required
Ready to learn some speed techniques to save you time? Rosebud will share secrets she learned in the garment industry that are found in those high-end ready-to-wear designer blouses as you sew along creating a practical Blouse/Shirt with perfect topstitching. Discover easy techniques for setting perfect pockets, collars, sleeves, matching fronts and pockets seamlessly… all without using a single pin or basting! You will learn easy pattern prep, quick flat felled seams, handling curved seams and hems, plus much more. At the end of class your blouse will be ready to wear or almost finished.
6 hours

Easy Shirts for the Hard to Fit Man
1 Hour Lecture
Are you frustrated with never finding the right shirt and fit for your hard to fit guy and no time to sew it? Rosebud will teach you easy pattern alterations to fit body builds and types so you can have the best fitting dress shirts possible with professional results. Techniques covered include XL necks attached to XS bodies, correct collar style for body build, fitting athletic, big and tall builds, hollow chest and mature bodies. She will then cover fabric choices, pattern prep, correct type of interfacing, perfect topstitching, and “sew” much more. Nothing looks, fits or feels better than a custom-made dress shirt that fits.
The dress form cost is $200 and is prepaid. 

If you need a private hands on class, please don't hesitate to ask! 

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