Connecting Seams with Beads

Exposed Shoulders

Exposed Shoulders

Front of Shirt

This top begged to be Restyled. I picked this top up at a second hand store knowing that I wouldn't wear it with exposed shoulders. 

The top shows a lot of shoulder, a little more than I felt comfortable exposing.
Side View of Shirt

Shirt Back
It was the colors of the top that caught my eye and I thought it would be better restyled with beading. And I would be more comfortable wearing it.

Pulling out my stash of beads I opted to use a very small iridescent seed bead along with a slightly larger bead. 

Assortment of beads.
Velvet lined bead board designed by the author.

From past experience, I knew that a waxed or strong beading thread was a must. After all, this top would be hand washed a few times.
Small seed bead and larger bead, beading needle.

Starting out, I anchored the seams together with safety pins to keep the adjoining seams balanced. 

Shoulder Seams pinned to hold seams together during the beading process.

The small and larger beads were mixed using four small and then one larger bead. Any pattern could have been used. 

Beading seam anchored between shoulder seams.

From past experience, I knew that I had to anchor the beads and the seams together. SEW I chose to anchor the large bead on both sides of the shoulder seams. 

The beads were threaded onto the needle and then anchored on first one side of the shoulder seam, and then needle was passed through the large bead again and then passed through the opposite shoulder seam. 

As you can see, the beads started to close the seam nicely. This process of anchoring the bead seam to the shoulder seams kept the beaded seam straight and nested in between the two shoulder seams.

Finally finished, the beads closed the open shoulder seam looking like it was part of the original top.

The beaded seam actually dresses up the top and makes it more comfortable to wear.

And yes, this shirt is backwards – I often wear shirts and some pull over dresses backwards. I find I am much more comfortable and gives the back a whole new look.

After all, you want to leave a lasting impression …