Mint Jean Jacket

Spring Jean Jacket

 This is such beautiful fabric, big flowers with beaded centers and beads scattered throughout the leaves and stems. Supreme Fabric's, located in Chicago, has some very unique fabrics and laces perfect for this Jean Jacket by Fashion Patterns by Coni

The border edge was a challenge - to cut along the border or not. The straight edge of the Jean Jacket Waistlband and the Sleeve Cuffs begged to be cut along the border. The Border WON! 

The Collar too wanted in on the border edge yet the Collar's curve meant to cut and release the flowers to allow the fabric to curve.

 SEW - the flowers will be tacked 
during the construction.
Another challenge was the BEADS.

Lots of beads were flying everywhere yet they had to be removed before any stitching.

Other areas of concern was the facings & interfacing; and to line or not to line; and what about buttons or snaps! 

SEW - what do you think - buttons or snaps?

Stay tuned for construction . . .

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  1. Does this come in any other color? Like white?