Toddler PJs Cuffs

Toddler PJs that zip are wonderful for little ones, they keep them snug as a bug! Babies and toddlers grow SEW fast, growing longer/taller without growing in width. And now that babies and toddlers should not sleep with blankets these sleepers make more sense to keep them warm during the night.

Have you looked at a size 24 month size footed PJs with zippers,  the feet are enormously large! Seriously! Not sure why they make such large feet yet the PJs are limited on the overall length. Before you know it babies and toddlers don't fit in footed PJs  because they grow in length, not width.

SEW - what to do if your little one is long and slim? Change the feet to CUFFS! Yes, CUFFS! In the past year, my sister was blessed with two beautiful granddaughters just months apart and is expecting her third grandchild in just a few weeks! Both the little girls are getting very tall and not fitting in their footed PJs.

CUFFS to the rescue! After removing the footed bottom and elastic an extra wide cuff was added. This makes wearing the PJs SEW much more comfortable for the little tikes.

The cuffs were cut 5" wide and 6" deep. The width can be adjusted easily for the child or size. After stitching the long edge and turning right side out and folded in half, the raw edges were stitched to the lower edges of the legs. Fast & easy! 

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