Thimble Necklace

Thimble Necklace

On a recent visit my SIL showed me a beautiful necklace she had found made with an old thimble. It was beautiful!
I couldn't help but drool over her wonderful find!   

It was fashioned with a chain necklace supporting a thimble with beads suspended from the thimble.  Immediately I recalled that I had a stash of thimbles somewhere in my vast collection of unique treasures and couldn't wait to make one as soon as I returned home and found my stash of old thimbles. 

chain, thimble, necklace, beads

SEW - here it is several months later and ... did I find those treasured thimbles? Not yet as I have too many projects on my plate.

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  1. That is too wonderful. I don't know if I have any thimbles. I know my mom and grandmom had some. What a great way to add some seamstress flair. Must put on my to do list. Do you know how they made the whole through the thimble.