Make It With Wool Contest

An exciting project that is almost completed: one of my teens is entering her three piece ensemble in the Michigan Make It With Wool Contest. A home schooled student, Erin has worked diligently juggling high school graduation, college courses, weekly swing dances and youth group. Being one of six children, she shares responsibilities with her siblings caring for farm animals and a large garden.

Erin's wool ensemble consists of a raspberry jacket and beret, blue blazer and gray trousers. Each piece is lined with a bright colorful lining, each in a mixture of colors to show her fun attitude.Before starting, Erin made a "muslin" of the coat, blazer and trousers using a fabric of similar weight correcting the fit before cutting her wool.

Along the way Erin discovered the importance of using good tools to cut her lining. She pinned her lining selvedge to the brown paper edge with her pattern pieces pinned on top. Using the 10" Serrated Edge Kai Scissors, N7240-AS to eliminate fabric slippage, Erin cut through all layers effortlessly. These are my favorite pair of scissors for cutting slippery fabrics and knits.

Erin has less than two weeks to complete her project and has quite a few loose ends to complete . . . She will be here shortly and then off we go!

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