Burp Cloths

Recently someone gave me a pile 
of very narrow scraps of flannel thinking 
I might be able to come up with 
some useful items 
rather than discarding the fabric. 
They were soft adorable baby prints 
in shades of 
pinks, blues, lilac, and buttercup.

Since these scraps were all very narrow, 
about 7" - 9" wide and 17" - 21" long, 
my first thought was Burp Cloths. 
SEW into the washer with a 
mild baby soap and hot dryer 
to be sure the fabric was suitable for infants.

Babies always need several diapers 
and countless burp cloths 
in their first few months. 

One can never have enough of 
diapers and burp cloths.

SEW - Burp Coths they became!

Now to find a few
young mothers with
newborn babies . . .

And the leftover scraps
will be added to the
ever growing scrap ball
to be crocheted into a rug!

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