Moonchild Dolls: Dying Wool Felt with Food Dye

I stumbled across this Blog while searching for a way to work with food dye. It doesn't get much easier!
Over on the far west side of the U.S., doll maker, Barrie Humbly, using Wilton Icing Tint dyes for her hand felted wool in beautiful colors!

Moonchild Dolls: Dying Wool Felt with Food Dye
Barrie states if you want more vibrant colors to use less water and more dye. And best of all, she found the colors to be Colorfast! Very important for those who have had a messy washer and dryer after an unsuccessful dying experience. 

And best of all, the tints come in a wide range of colors, is non toxic and is available where ever cake decorating supplies are sold!

If you are wanting to try your hand at dying some hand felted wool without a lot of expense, this is a sure winner. Good luck and let me know how your project turned out!

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