Certainly we remember our mothers never starting the family dinner without putting on her trusty apron. Putting on one’s apron was the starting point in the preparation of every meal. Not only would mom wear her apron for cooking but it was an indispensable article of clothing for doing everyday housework. Unfortunately the apron lost its appeal during the women’s movement of the 1960s. During this period cheaper clothes and washing machines made aprons less common. However, the practice of wearing aprons remains strong in many places. Aprons have had a variety of uses from protecting dresses to uses as a potholder, drying a tear filled face to carrying vegetables. It could be used as a duster, cleaner, or catch-all. 

The fun thing about aprons is that they are easy to sew and you can use them to accent any outfit, especially during holidays. Pretty red and green fabrics with white lace accenting the pockets always sets things nice for Christmas. Summer time aprons with patterns of watermelons and peaches can be fun and colorful. Thanksgiving aprons with turkeys and horns of plenty sets the mood for the wonderful feast waiting to be devoured.  Since St Patrick’s Day will soon be upon us, an apron with shamrocks and green lace trimming could be the perfect way to dress up your leprechaun suit. It will certainly keep the corned beef and cabbage from ruining your fine greenery! 
There are many different patterns one can choose which might best suit the needs of the chore at hand. There are full covered aprons which are best suited for housework and cooking and pretty little half aprons which tie around the waist that can be used to accent outfits. What ever choice one makes it can be fun to choose material and patterns that suits the individual taste and occasion.  

Today, the apron is making resurgence in American households. Both women and men wear them when performing household chores. A 2005 article in the Wall Street Journal claimed that the apron is "enjoying a renaissance as a retro-chic fashion accessory" in the United States.  However, wearing aprons is still not as popular as it was prior to the 1960s.
Even though the apron is not as popular as it once was it still does the job of protecting clothing and with today’s washable materials available in many colorful patterns it can be fun and an inexpensive way to accent the chic clothing of today.

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