Sewing Room

Threads magazine is doing articles, In The Sewing Room, featuring different sewing rooms around the country. The rooms featured SEW far have been quite neat and orderly, a far cry from an everyday working room. A place for everything and everything in its place! 

Early next year they will be visiting a friends' studio which is HUGE and has custom built Murphy closets that open out into a table, with a another roll out table with a sewing machine and tons of storage. She has four of these and keeps everything as neat as a pin AFTER a project is finished. During the designing and construction time, her sewing room looks just like mine!

However I must admit, my room is perfectly fine! Yes at times it can look like a tornado came through but it is cleaned almost each day and thoroughly cleaned after every project! 

I have even hosted a sewing group in my little studio for an entire day as we each worked on a new project. It didn't hurt at all.

And then recently a group was visiting and the ladies asked if they could see my sewing room; none of them sew. I didn't blink an eye and immediately took them to my workroom. They had the privilege of seeing my room in the midst of getting ready for a show, many things were is disarray. 

They were excited and amazed to see several sewing machines, countless spools of threads and a collection of sewing machine needles that will keep me sewing for a long time.

SEW I just had to show them my collection of vintage sewing machines, most in good working order. To be continued  . . .

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