Pattern Weights

I wanted to share a few of my favorite pattern weights.

The old irons make perfect weights to hold pattern and fabric while pinning everything to the paper before cutting. Some are very heavy and others are too pretty to use!

pattern weights, grandfather, weighted wood blocks
  The wood blocks are very special, they were made several years ago by my grandfather, Frank. I remember opening the package and was very surprised and excited to find these. Both my mother, sister and I each received a set of 12 blocks.The finish is still as smooth as a baby's bottom.  

My set has many hours of use. They've held many patterns in place on beautiful fabrics, even patterns for non sewing projects such as the kids school projects. They even survived countless hours of imaginary play time when the kids were just babies making trains, cars, boats, and trucks.

 Just a few years ago, my Uncle Butch was visiting and saw the blocks in my sewing studio and commented that he remembers when his dad made them. And how nice it was to see them still being used.

Sew, what do you use for pattern weights?

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